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2018 Light up a Life Campaign

First introduced in 1994, the annual Light up a Life campaign has raised a whopping $2.5 million and funded a variety of equipment for the hospital over the years.  Everything from hospital beds, to aneasthetic machines, to the MRI. 

Clearly the community has been generous and we’re hopeful they will answer the call this year to fund new scopes for the Surgical program. We are really pleased to welcome NHH surgeon Dr. Alison Tilley as this year's campaign Chair. 

“I’m so pleased funds raised this year through the Light up a Life campaign will support the purchase of several different types of scopes including gastroscopes,  colonoscopes, and flexible fibre-optic scopes, to name a few.  Each and every day, our operating team uses scopes in the completion of multiple medical and surgical procedures, providing a critical link in making good health care better,” states Tilley.

“I joined the hospital team in 2016 and I was immediately struck by the vast array of equipment available to me for the care of my patients.  Donors primarily fund every piece of medical equipment at NHH and they do an amazing job,” she continues.

State of the art endoscopic technology is playing a huge role in providing higher quality preventative health care in the form of colonoscopies.  Also, with the advancement of newer, more sophisticated laparoscopes, surgical incisions are getting smaller, procedures are becoming less invasive, hospital stays are shorter and post-operative recovery times have improved dramatically for our patients.  It wasn’t that long ago a bowel surgery resulted in a 5-day hospital stay.  Now, that same surgery carried out laparoscopically results in patients returning home in as little as 1 to 2 days.  Amazing.

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